Coffee is a natural product and can have a positive effect on the environment under the right farming practices. We at COFFRIGO believe that fair pay for all involved and sustainable farming is an essential foundation of our product. We only want to buy our green coffee from a farm that is committed to sustainable cultivation. Together with our Black Matter partners, we have found a supplier who shares the same values ​​and brings with them a great deal of expertise in the selection of raw coffees.

Our raw coffee comes from a farm in Costa Rica. This farm is Costa Rica’s largest cohesive farm. 20% of the 940 hectare farm is devoted to forest conservation. The coffee fields are criss-crossed with dozens of natural springs and nearly 20km of rivers. These are protected by buffer zones according to Rainforest Alliance guidelines. This will create a natural network of corridors for locally occurring flora and fauna. In addition, Aquiares Estate has been proven to be “carbon neutral”. Due to the naturally prevailing biotope network and the careful harvesting by hand, more than 3720 tons of CO2 are stored each year, despite being actively managed, when exposed.